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In Harnessing the Power of Unity, Dr R. M. Cullins examines why the early Church was so successful and concludes that unity is second only to love in its importance.  Unity is the fuel that powers the engines that propel men toward success.  Whether in a family, a community, a church, a business, or a nation, unity is one of the most essential components of any successful endeavor.  This fact is most evident in the local churches that comprise the universal Body of Christ.  Whenever there is success in overcoming obstacles of any kind in the local church, it can be readily traced to the overcoming power of unity.  Many congregations fall short of reaching their potential because of convert and overt currents of disunity.  These currents sometimes flow as gentle as a stream and other times as a raging river.  If left unchecked, streams of discontent, whether visible or hidden, become a maelstrom, a crushing current of whirling dissension which makes effective ministry virtually impossible.  The solution is to maximize our focus on oneness in Christ our Lord’s Prayer that we might “be one” is evidence that “oneness” or “unity” is His will for His disciples.  This unity is essential to the success of our mission.In his book, he covers distinct unifying topics such as:  Unity in Presence, Unity in Prayers, Unity in Purpose, Unity in Proclamation, Unity in Pursuits, Unity in Partnership, and Unity in Praise.

The author covers the topics in such a manner that Harnessing the Power of Unity may be hailed as one of this century’s most important body of works concerning the overcoming of economic, intellectual, physical and racial division among the disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Harnessing the Power of Unity
-Dr. R.M. Cullins
$9.99 [Electronic Book]

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